How Fatty is Your Food?

Look up the fat content of your food in Fat Attack™, a fun and interactive educational tool designed to increase awareness about the amount of fat in popular fast food meals. Play Fat Attack™ and discover how to make healthful food choices. Click on the links above to learn more, including how you can request a Fat Attack™ workshop at your school or event.

Your Fat Target

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans include a limit for saturated fat of less than 10% of total daily calories. The Dietary Guidelines do not promote an upper limit for total fat because the type of fat eaten has more of an impact on your health than overall fat intake. In fact, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is planning to reconsider the government’s long-held advice for most people to limit total fat to 20-35% of total daily calories. The fat targets listed below include those recommendations, and consider individual calorie needs, which include factors like age, gender, and a sedentary activity level. If you are younger, your target will be at the low end of the age range.

Recommended Daily Fat Consumption in Grams*
Age Range Total Fat Target Saturated Fat Target
Adult age 19+ 50g – 81g < 18g – 29g
Teenager age 9 – 18 47g – 80g < 16g – 27g
Child age 2 – 8 39g – 47g <11g – 16g

*Fat Attack™ grams of total fat and saturated fat were adapted from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025.