Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines

The policies, procedures, and guidelines page provides information to providers in the form of clinical policies and guidelines.

Clinical policies and guidelines are utilized by Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc.® (CHNCT), when reviewing requests for the prior authorization (PA) of various goods and services. The criteria, included in the policies, are based on the best clinical evidence available. All requests are reviewed in accordance with the Department of Social Services' (DSS) definition of medical necessity. Prior authorization means the approval from the Department of Social Services (DSS), or a contracted agent (in this case CHNCT), of a service or the delivery of goods before the provider actually performs the service or delivers the goods.


To receive reimbursement from the DSS, a provider must comply with all Prior Authorization (PA) requirements. Obtaining PA does not guarantee payment or ensure client eligibility. It is the responsibility of the provider to verify client eligibility for the appropriate date(s) of service.

Clinical Policies

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