Diabetes: Make a Change

Healthy Eating

Eat smaller portions of food or try healthy and delicious recipes.

Taking Medications

Learn about different kinds of diabetes medications and what gets in your way of taking your medications.

Thinking about taking your medications, are you having a hard time with any of the following?

  • Being concerned about other things like eating your next meal or having a place to live
  • Being afraid of side effects
  • Remembering to take them
  • Getting to the pharmacy
  • Feeling that the medication does not help
  • Not understanding how to take them correctly
  • Reading medication instructions
  • Feeling like the medication is not needed
  • Understanding and working with numbers
  • Being too busy caring for their family
  • Feeling okay, so you don’t feel like you need it

If you are having a hard time, we can help! Give HUSKY Health a call at 1.800.859.9889 x2023.


Learn about ways to monitor your diabetes.

Problem Solving

Know more about how to take care of your diabetes when you are sick.

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