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If you have any questions about this process, you may call HUSKY Health at 1.800.859.9889.

Opting Out of Sharing health information with your PCP, Hospital or Specialist who Manages Your Care

The HUSKY Health Program gives Primary Care Providers (PCPs), the hospital you visit and specialist who manages your care secure computer access to certain information. A PCP is the provider you chose or based on our records, where you get your primary health care.

Your PCP both provides and manages your health care. Your PCP treats you and also helps make sure that you and your family get all of the health screenings and immunizations that you need. Unless you tell us otherwise, your PCP, the hospital you go to for care and the specialist who manages your care will have secure computer access to certain health information about you that HUSKY Health has from some of your other health providers, such as other hospitals, specialists and pharmacies. Your PCP, hospital and specialist may use this information for treatment purposes only. If you do not want them to have computer access to this information, you will need to complete an Opt-Out Request Form and send it back to us.

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