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You can select a provider that is accepting new patients in one of the Person-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) practices below as your Primary Care Provider by calling Member Engagement Services at 1.800.859.9889. Member Engagement Services can help you make an appointment or you can call the practice directly and make an appointment.

What is a PCMH Medical Practice?

  • A PCMH is a Patient or Person-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).
  • A PCMH is a different way to get primary care.
  • In a medical home, the provider leads a team that works closely with you to help with every part of your healthcare. You are a major player on that team.
  • The team works with you to stay healthy by treating illness and keeping up with preventive care, like immunizations, vaccines, and cancer screenings, depending on your specific healthcare needs.
  • Practices can often see you when you need to be seen and on some days are open into the evenings. You don’t have to go to the Emergency Department for care that is not an emergency.
  • Many practices can talk to you through a link on their website as well as by phone.
  • The PCMH team keeps in contact with your other providers to follow your care.


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